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After finishing, what was intended to be my ‘last project’ earlier this year, because of health (& age) problems I felt rather guilty of not producing anything for Holy Trinity, except Burials Publications in my role as Projects Co-ordinator for Wakefield & District Family History Society. I grew up in South Ossett and so most of my work was centred in or around it. After living for over 18 years next to Holy Trinity (sharing a garden wall) I had been very used to seeing the gravestones. I knew that The Church had some records of Interments  but that they were not easy for researchers to find. So, whilst looking out of the window at some of the gravestones I got the idea to ‘photograph’ all the remaining ones. I thought it would be a nice, gentle task for my ‘retirement’ :>))). 6  months later I have now completed my task, visiting and re-visiting many times, the churchyard in the early mornings whenever possible. I had no intention of copying out the Memorial Inscriptions as I hadn’t got the energy/stamina to stand for long periods at each stone, so I edited them at home. Some of them were illegible and many very difficult to read. I have done my best! I could not think of anyone I could ask to check them so I am hoping that you, the reader, if you knew the details of any of the occupants of the graves and their details will inform me and then I can amend the Indexes.

I do hope that you find the work useful!

Joan P Smith

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Joan P Smith

November 2018

email: joanpsmithworth@gmail.com