South Ossett Families



It is very soon apparent to the researcher that the families in South Ossett had ‘intermarried’ regularly. The Pickards, Wilbys, Scotts, Dews, Mitchells, Marsdens, Emersons, Hemingways and Harrops especially.




Children Benoni DEWS born 17/2/1790 baptised 31/5/1790 Wakefield Zion Chapel


Benoni DEWS married Sarah WILBY 26/1/1812


1) Ann DEWS born 16/11/1812 baptised 10/1/1813 Ossett Green Ind.

2) Jane born 26/3/1814 baptised 12/6/1814

3) Rachael born 23/12/1815 baptised 26/1/1816

4) George born 8/3/1818 baptised 26/12/1818

5) William born 5/9/1819 baptised 16/1/1820

6) Edmund born 15/5/1823 baptised 16/7/1823 – buried 20/1/1833 Ossett Green aged 10

7) Eliza born 13/2/1826 baptised 21/8/1826

8) George born 29/6/1829 baptised 30/8/1829 Sarah died between 1851 & 1861

Benoni was buried 25/5/1874 at South Ossett aged 84


William DEWS (born 1819) married Sarah EMMERSON Apr/Jun 1851


1) Sarah Jane born 1852

2) John born 1854   Died 29/7/1921 aged 67

3) Edmund born 1857 Died 1923

4) Arthur born 1860. Arthur married Lavinia SANDERSON Reg. Dewsbury Apr/Jun 1898 Ref 9B 1277

5) Emma born 1863

6) Sarah died between 1863 & 1881

William died 12th April 1891

ARTHUR DEWS (born 1860) of Greystones, Vicar Lane, Ossett died 23rd March 1932. Probate, London to Lavinia DEWS. Effects – £18033.0 7d. No children. Lavinia devised the house to her relations the Sandersons.




John HARROP, son of Joseph HARROP and Mary BUTTERFIELD was born circa 1796 in Ossett, christened on 28 Mar 1796 in Ossett Holy Trinity, died Jan 6th 1865 in South Ossett aged 69, and was buried Jan 10th 1865 in South Ossett Graveyard.

John was a Woollen Manufacturer. He married Martha ILLINGWORTH on 25th Dec 1818 in Dewsbury. Martha was born in Ossett, (daughter of Thomas ILLINGWORTH and Mary) and baptised 28th Jul 1799. She died in Jul 1857 in South Ossett aged 57, and was buried Jul 12th in South Ossett Graveyard.

The children from this marriage were:

William HARROP, who was born circa 1821 in Ossett, died in Jun 1854 aged 33, and was buried on 28 Jun 1854 in South Ossett Graveyard.

Abraham HARROP, who was born on 8th Jan 1822 in Ossett, christened on 31 Mar 1822 in Ossett Independent. Congregational Church, died in Jun 1879 in South Ossett aged 57, and was buried Jul 2nd 1879 in South Ossett Graveyard.

Abraham married Eliza, who was born circa 1822 and died in Sep 1874 in South Ossett aged 52, and was buried on 9th Sep in South Ossett Graveyard.

Mary HARROP, who was born in Sep 1824 in Ossett, christened on 28 Nov 1824 in Ossett Independent Congregational Church. Mary married Thomas WILBY Jan/Mar 1842. (Thomas was the younger brother of Jane WILBY who married Samuel PICKARD)

Isaac HARROP, who was born on 9 Nov 1826 in Ossett, christened on 28 Jan 1827 in Ossett Independent Congregational Church. Isaac’s wife was named Mary (born circa 1827)

Jacob HARROP, who was born on 24 Oct 1829 in Ossett, christened on 10 Jan 1830 in Ossett Independent Congregational Church died in Nov 1899 in Horbury Rd., South Ossett aged 70, and was buried Nov 21st 1899 in South Ossett Graveyard. Jacob’s wife was named Elizabeth (born circa 1834)

Robert HARROP was born on 14 Jul 1832 in Ossett, christened on 3 May1833 in Ossett Independent Congregational Church died in Aug 1881 in South Ossett aged 49, and was buried on 27 Aug 1881 in South Ossett Graveyard. Robert married Sarah AUDSLEY daughter of Joshua AUDSLEY and Ellen between Oct/Dec 1855. Sarah was born on 3rd April 1835 in Beeston, Yorks and died between Apr and June 1898.

Martha HARROP was born in Jul 1834 in Ossett and was christened on 31 Dec 1834 in Ossett Independent Congregational Church. Martha married Benjamin MORTON Apr/Jun 1855

John HARROP was born circa 1837 in Ossett. John’s wife was named Elizabeth

Mark HARROP was born circa 1841 in Ossett. Mark’s wife was also named Elizabeth (3 sons married brides named Elizabeth and 1 son a bride named Eliza – must have been very confusing!)


Robert HARROP and Sarah AUDSLEY 

General Notes: Robert HARROP worked as a Hand Loom Cloth Weaver.

The children from this marriage were:

Elizabeth Ann HARROP was born on 20 Nov 1855 and was christened on 9 Mar 1856 in South Ossett. Elizabeth married Frank TOLSON son of William TOLSON and Sarah Ann DRANSFIELD on 6 May 1887 in South Ossett Christ Church. Frank was born circa 1859 in Earlsheaton.

Eleanor HARROP was born in Ossett and was christened on 9 Feb 1857.

Harriet HARROP was christened on 30 May 1860 in South Ossett, died in Jun 1860, and was buried on 2 Jun 1860 in South Ossett.

Emma HARROP was born in Ossett and was christened on 10 Jul 1861.

Robert HARROP was born in Ossett, was christened circa 1865, died in Jul 1937 in Horbury Rd. Ossett aged 72, and was buried on 30 Jul 1937 in South Ossett Graveyard. Robert married Martha Ann who was born circa 1864.

Arthur HARROP was born circa 1865 in Ossett, died in Jan 1941 in 30 Albert St., South Ossett aged 76, and was buried on 17 Jan 1941 in South Ossett Graveyard.

Frederick HARROP was born circa 1867 in Ossett, died in May 1932 in Back of 3 Horbury Rd., Ossett aged 65, and was buried May 12th 1932 in South Ossett Graveyard. Frederick married Elizabeth whowas born circa 1868, died in Sep 1946 in Harrop’s Yard, Horbury Rd., Ossett aged 78, and was buried Sep 20th 1946.

Amelia HARROP was born circa 1868 in South Ossett, died in May 1875 in South Ossett aged 7, and was buried on 22 May 1875 in South Ossett Graveyard.

Edith HARROP was born circa 1871 in South Ossett, died in May 1875 in South Ossett aged 4, and was buried on 29 May 1875 in South Ossett Graveyard. 


Elizabeth Ann HARROP and Frank TOLSON 

The children from this marriage were:

Wilfred TOLSON was born on 6 Oct 1887 in Earlsheaton, christened on 27 Nov 1887 in Earlsheaton St. Peter’s (WDP 102/4 Pg 58 No 457.) Wilfred married Emily THWAITE 

Edith TOLSON was born on 4 Jul 1889 in Earlsheaton and was christened on 25 Aug 1889 in Earlsheaton St. Peter’s (WDP 102/4 Pg 86 No 686.) 


Wilfred TOLSON and Emily (nee THWAITE) 

The children from this marriage were: Dorothy TOLSON was born on 9 Sep 1913 at 20 Roundwood, Ossett, christened on 5 Oct 1913 in St Aidan’s Mission, South Ossett Christ Church (WDP 189/1/3 No 582.) She died on 27th June 1971

Alice (known as Alys) TOLSON was born on 28 Nov 1918 at 24 Audrey St., Ossett, christened on 29 Dec 1918 in St Aidan’s Mission, South Ossett Christ Church (WDP 189/1/3 No 989.)

Harry TOLSON was born on 15 Sep 1927 at 24 Audrey St., Ossett and was christened on 11 Oct 1927 in St Aidan’s Mission, South Ossett Christ Church (WDP189/1/4 No 31.) General Notes: At the time of Dorothy’s Baptism Wilfred’s occupation was stated as an ‘Athletic Worker’, at Alice’s baptism as a ‘Rope man ‘and at Harry’s as a ‘Bye-worker’. Harry married Sheila JOHNSON Oct/Dec 1953 


Harry TOLSON and Sheila JOHNSON 

The children from this marriage were: S

teven Harry TOLSON born 23rd Nov 1955 who married Debbie NEWMAN 22nd Nov 1990

John Richard TOLSON born 20th Sep 1963 who married Martine VAN de VONDEL 23rd Nov 1985 (Harry & Sheila lived at No 2 Harrop’s Yard, Horbury Rd., when they were first married. Their son Steven was born whilst they were living there. They later had a house built on Sowood Lane, Ossett, on land originally owned by Samuel Pickard, who built Sowood House, (situated at the junction of Manor Rd., & Sowood Lane). (John) Richard was born there.                   


Steven Harry TOLSON and Debbie NEWMAN 

The children from this marriage were: Jonathan James TOLSON born 8 July 1991 in Glasgow Robert Michael TOLSON born 1st July 1993

John Richard TOLSON & Martine The children from this marriage were: Lindsey TOLSON born 8th May 1985 Simon TOLSON born 13th Jan 1988




Mark HEMINGWAY born cir 1819 married Jane DEWS, daughter of Ann ?, born cir 1814, on 21st Nov 1836 in Dewsbury. Mark Hemingway died between Jan/Mar 1898 aged 80 (Reg. at Dewsbury 9b 488). Jane Hemingway died between Apr/June 1894 aged 80 (Reg. At Dewsbury 9b 405)

The children of this marriage were:

1) John HEMINGWAY bapt 25th Jun 1837 at Holy Trinity Church, Ossett, married (1) Mary Ellen? (Born in Frodingham cir 1835). (2) Eunice EMMERSON (born Feb 18th 1836, Bapt. Aug 2nd 1836, daughter of Samuel & Leah EMMERSON*) between Oct/Dec 1865 – registered at Dewsbury (9b 989).

(John HEMINGWAY (and John HEY) built Clarendon Villas)

2) Ann bapt. 25th Aug 1839 at Holy Trinity Church, Ossett

3) Martha born. cir 1841

4) Mary born. cir 1841

5) Oliver bapt. cir 1844

6) Sophia born cir 1850

7) George born cir 1852, (married Annie MARSDEN born cir 1852, daughter of Joseph MARSDEN & Ellen, and sister of Benjamin MARSDEN (who bought Clarendon Villas))

8) Sarah cir 1857


John HEMINGWAY & Mary Ellen

The child from this first marriage was:

Annie Jane, born between Jan/ Mar 1862- Registered at Dewsbury. (9b 531)

Mary Ellen Died between Jan/ Mar 1865 – Registered at Dewsbury (9b 438)


The children from this second marriage were:

1) Clara born cir 1866

2) Sam E cir 1867

3) Harry R cir 1869

4) Ada B 1870

John HEMINGWAY died between Jan/Mar 1912 aged 74 (Reg. at Dewsbury 9b 895)

Eunice died between Jul/Sep 1914 aged 78 (Reg. At Dewsbury 9b 776)

*Eunice was the younger sister of Sarah Emmerson who married William Dews (Greystones)




John HEY and Hannah, (unknown) (born c. 1764)

Hannah was buried 8/8/1838 aged 74 in Alverthorpe

The child of this marriage was:

1) David HEY born on 22nd May 1799 in Alverthorpe, baptised on 7th June 1799 at the Zion Chapel Wakefield.


David HEY married Sarah GODLEY (daughter of John & Ann GODLEY bapt. 17/3/1799 at Dewsbury) on 26th May 1823 at St. John’s Church, Wakefield

The children of this marriage were:

1) Sarah Ann HEY, born 14th Feb 1824, Bapt.19th April 1824. On the 1851 Census, aged 28 she is working as a servant in Wakefield. (She had an Illegitimate son, Robert John, born 1853). Sarah Ann died between 1853 and 1861

2) Emma HEY, born 25th Nov 1825, Bapt. 7th Feb 1826, married John BARKER, carpenter, son of William BARKER, at South Ossett Church on 20th March 1852

3) Benjamin HEY, born 5th Nov 1828, Bapt. 29th Dec 1828. Married, aged 23, Jane LITTLEWOOD, aged 23, daughter of William LITTLEWOOD 26th Sept 1852 at South Ossett. Benjamin was buried 17/6/1911, aged 82 at South Ossett

4) Hannah HEY, born 8th Nov 1831, Bapt. 22nd Jan 1832.

5) John HEY, born 20th Aug 1834, Bapt. 12th Oct 1834

6) Jane HEY, born 26th Jun 1837, Bapt. 23rd Jul 1837, (living at Thornes Lane) married Joseph HUNTER, aged 26, Farmer, 6th March 1859 at St. James Church Thornes

They were all born in Alverthorpe and Baptised at the Zion Chapel Wakefield.

David Died 10th Sept 1875 in Wakefield and was buried 13/9/1875 aged 76 at South Ossett

Sarah was buried 24/10/1865 aged 66 at South Ossett


John HEY married Ann JENKINSON, (daughter of Joseph JENKINSON and Harriet BARKER, Bapt. 9th Sep. 1827 in Ossett. (Siblings were Eliza 25/11/1821; Emma 29/5/1825; Eunice 12/4/1829 and William 29/5/1831). Joseph & Harriet were married 15th Apr. 1821. Reg. Dewsbury. )                                       

The children from this marriage were:

1) Jenk? Born 1860

2) Lilly Born 1865

Ann – Died Between Oct/Dec 1905 aged 78 Reg. Dewsbury 9b 407

John Died at Sowood Farm Ossett on 6th Feb. 1912 aged 77. His Will was administered 28th February to his daughter Lilly Brook, wife of Frederick Brook of Sowood Farm: effects £157.193 (£12, 552. 97 today)




Thomas MARSDEN married ‘unknown’

His  children were:

1)  John 1761,

2) Benjamin 1765,

3) Francis 1769,

4) David 1771,

5) Thomas 1773

6) Elizabeth 1776

Thomas was buried 1st Oct 1802 at Horbury


Benjamin MARSDEN  was Bapt. 10th Mar 1765 in Dewsbury.

He married Sarah MARSDEN (Daughter of another Benjamin MARSDEN Bapt.15th Nov 1761 in Silkstone) on 14th May 1792, also in Silkstone. (source IGI)

The children from this marriage were:

1) Mary: Born May, Baptised 18th Jun 1793 at Ossett Independent Congregational Church, buried 21 Mar 1822 at Horbury St Peter’s aged 28

2) Hannah: Born Feb, Baptised 10th Mar 1796 at Ossett Independent Congregational Church (in 1851 she was living with Joseph & Ellen). Hannah Died & was buried on 20th Aug 1862, aged 66, at South Ossett Church

3)  John: Born May, Baptised 25th May 1798 at Ossett Independent Congregational Church – (John was awarded Plot No 487, the Plot above the Highfield Plot, on the Ossett Tithe Award 1843).

John died 11th December 1849 and was buried 16th Dec. 1849, aged 51, at Horbury St. Peter’s. He was living at Storrs Hill

4) BenjaminB: Born Aug, Baptised 8th Sept. 1800 at Ossett Independent Congregational Church

5) Thomas: Born Feb, Baptised 7th April 1803 at Ossett Independent Congregational Church

6) Elizabeth: Born 8th Aug & Baptised 8th Sep 1805 at Ossett Independent Congregational Church Elizabeth married Robert LAYCOCK, (son of George & Elizabeth LAYCOCK, born 23 Feb 1809,Bapt.20 Apr 1890 at Ossett Ind. Cong) on 26th Apr 1829 in Wakefield. Elizabeth & Robert had 3 children John Marsden LAYCOCK Bapt. 18th Jul.1830, Alfred LAYCOCK Bapt. 25th Nov.1832 and Sarah Ann Bapt. 25th Nov.1838 (On the 1841 Census both boys were living with John).

7) Joseph: Born Apr, Baptised 23rd May 1810 at Ossett Independent Congregational Church

Benjamin (1765) was buried18 Feb 1813 at Horbury St Peter’s, aged 47.

Sarah was buried 5th May 1814, aged 45, also at Horbury St Peter’s.


Benjamin MARSDEN (1800) married Jane Johnson (daughter of John Johnson & Ellen Ownsworth of Darton, bapt.13th Jul 1812) on 14th Oct 1833 at Darton

The child from this marriage was:

Sarah Ann: born 14th Nov. 1833 Bapt. 16th Mar. 1834 (in 1851 Sarah Ann aged 17 was living with Uncle Joseph & Ellen). Sarah Ann married George MITCHELL, Rag Merchant, son of John Mitchell and Hannah on 10th Feb. 1859 at South Ossett (both Full Age)

Jane died 5th April 1840, aged 28, at Storrs Hill

Benjamin died in 1844 aged 43 and was buried at Horbury St Peter’s on 7th April1844.He was living on Denton Lane, Storrs Hill. (Denton Lane was the lane where Sowood Farm still stands, could the cottages nearby on the other side of the road, leading to ‘The Rocks/Quarry’ be where the Marsdens lived??)

Joseph MARSDEN (1810) married Ellen (possibly Rogerson, born in Carlton cir 1829) Jan/Mar 1850, at Ecclesall Bierlow (Reg. Ecclesfield Vol 22 Pg 130)

The children from this marriage were:

1) Benjamin: born in Ossett, Bapt. in Royston St. John’s Church on 9th June 1850 (near his mother’s birthplace).

2) Annie Bapt., 19th Oct 1851, married George Hemingway, son of Mark (younger brother of John), 7th May 1876 at South Ossett Church. Annie died Apr/Jun 1903 (Reg. Dews Vol 9b 406)

3) John Thomas: Born 1st, Bapt. 10th Dec. 1852 at South Ossett Church.

4) Joe: Born 26th Jun, Bapt. 4th Aug 1854 at South Ossett Church

5) Sarah E: Born 4th Apr., Bapt. 29th Jun 1856 at South Ossett Church

6) William: Born 8th Jul 1857; Bapt 7th Mar 1858 at South Ossett Church – buried 15th Feb 1897 at Holy Trinity aged 39

7) Henry: Born 16th Feb. Bapt. 20th Nov. 1859 at South Ossett Church

8) Jane: Born 7th May Bapt. 30th Dec. 1860 at South Ossett Church

9) Mary Alice: Born 11th Nov 1863, Bapt. 27th Dec at South Ossett Church: buried 1st Nov 1864 at South Ossett: (infant daughter of Ellen Marsden (widow) – Joseph died in 1860!

10) Martha Ellen: born 3rd Nov.1866, at Giggal Hill, (The father’s name is blank on her birth certificate) married Charles WILSON, son of David WILSON, Gent. on 26th Dec 1889, at South Ossett Church. (Joseph, (Fellmonger), was stated as her father but he died in 1860). Martha Ellen WILSON was buried 27the Aug1924 aged 56 at Holy Trinity

Joseph died on 17th July 1860 (His Will was signed on 21st Jun 1860 and proved on 30th Jan 1861) Buried 19th July 1860 at Horbury St. Peter’s, aged 50

Ellen died 7th and was buried 10th Dec 1913, aged 84 at Holy Trinityservice at South Ossett Church


Benjamin MARSDEN (1851) married Hannah WHITE, daughter of George White and Ellen, born between Jul & Sept 1853 (Reg. at Dewsbury Vol 9b 498), between Apr & Jun 1883 (Reg. at Dewsbury Vol 9b 810). In 1881 Hannah was listed with her parents George (Born cir 1812) and Ellen (born cir 1822) in Barmby Fold, Manor Rd. (The author lived at Barmby Fold after her first marriage in 1957)

Children from this marriage were:

1) Joseph: 1883 (Reg. at Dewsbury Jul/Sep)

2) Mary Ellen: 1886 (Reg. at Dewsbury Jan/Mar)

3) John W. 1889 (Reg. at Dewsbury Oct/Dec)

4) Alice Jane: 1891 (Reg. at Dewsbury Jul/Sep)

5) Hannah: May 1894 (Reg. at Dewsbury Jul/Sep)

Benjamin died on 27th February 1929 at ‘Clarendon’ Barton St., Marychurch, Devon; aged 78 (Reg at Newton Abbot)

Hannah died 1934/5 (Reg at Newton Abbot Jan/Mar 1835); age 81

John Thomas MARSDEN(1852), married:

1st. Hannah NETTLETON (daughter of the late George NETTLETON and Lydia, Bapt 23rd Jul 1854, Holy Trinity Church), 28th Aug 1879, both of Full Age at Ossett Holy Trinity Church, by Certificate

The children from this marriage were:

1) Kate: Born 10th Feb Bapt. 10th April 1881 at South Ossett Church

2) Alice: Bapt. 1 April 1883 at Holy Trinity Buried 2nd April 1890,at South Ossett Church aged 7.

3) Annie: Born 19th Jun Bapt. Jul 12th 1885. Buried 2nd Jan 1936

4) Emily: 1887 (Reg. at Dewsbury Oct/Dec): Buried 5th Nov 1934at Holy Trinity aged 47. -service at South Ossett)

5) Norman: Born 21st Oct Bapt. 13th Dec 1891 at South Ossett Church

Hannah died and was buried 30th Nov 1895 aged 41.

 John Thomas (1852) next married Annie GLOVER aged 45, (daughter of the late John GLOVER), 27th Aug 1896 at South Ossett Church, by Licence

John Thomas Died 1st Aug 1920 aged 67 and was buried 4th Aug 1920 at Holy Trinity Church – service at South Ossett.

Ann (Annie) Died, aged 74 and was buried 21 Oct 1925 at Holy Trinity Church– service at South Ossett.


Joseph MARSDEN (1884), aged 27, son of Benjamin & Hannah, married Annie Louisa FEARNSIDE, ((daughter of Henry (Mungo Manufacturer) & Hannah Fearnside, of Brooklyn,Springstone Ave., Ossett, baptised on 6th Jun 1880 at Holy Trinity Church, Ossett)), on 1st March 1911 at Ossett Wesleyan Chapel.

The child from this marriage was:

Gladys Louisa: Born 20th March 1912.

Joseph died on 10th August 1941 at Leeds General infirmary aged cir 57

Annie Louisa died 31st Jan 1974 aged 94 at Oaklands Home for the elderly, Kirkburton, Huddersfield


Gladys Louisa MARSDEN aged 30 married Joseph Leslie BROWN, aged 28, Sergeant Pilot in RAF, Civil Servant, (son of Horace Lobley Brown, Commercial Traveller of Sunnyfield, Marlborough St., Ossett ) on 29th Aug 1942, at Ossett Wesleyans Church, by Licence.

The child of this marriage was:

Christopher Peter Marsden BROWN

Gladys Brown died in June 1990 (Ref. Vol 5 Pg 1319 Reg 690).




Thomas MITCHELL & Mercy HARROP married 26/3/1764 Dewsbury

Known children:

  1. Nancy MITCHELL Born 25/5/1770, Bapt. 18/6/1770 Ossett Green Independent.
  2. Jonathan MITCHELL Born 6/2/1772, Bapt. 1/3/1772 Ossett Green Independent.
  3. Hannah MITCHELL Born 17/3/1777, Bapt. 30/3/1777 Ossett Green Independent.
  4. Lydia MITCHELL Born 16/10/1779 Bapt. 7/11/1779 Buried 13/11/1781 aged 2


Jonathan MITCHELL married Hannah BRUMMITT? 20/4/1797 Dewsbury

Known children:

  1. John MITCHELL Born 6/1/1799, Bapt. 27/3/1799 Ossett Green Ind.
  2. Reuben MITCHELL Born 1/12/1800 Bapt. 10/2/1801
  3. Mary Ann MITCHELL Born 14/2/1803 Bapt. 7/6/1803   Ossett Green Ind.


John MITCHELL married Ann HUNT (Dau. of George Hunt, bapt 15/11/1795 at Horbury) on 29/11/1824

Known children:

  1. Charles MITCHELL (HUNT), illegitimate son of Ann (Nancy) Bapt. 26/10/1817 at Horbury
  2. George MITCHELL 19/12/1824
  3. Emma MITCHELL 23/9/1827

(John died between 1851 & 1861; Ann between 1861 & 1871)


George MITCHELL married Sarah Ann MARSDEN (daughter of Benjamin, born 14/11/1833 Bapt. 16/3/1834) on 10/2/1859 at South Ossett.

Known children:

  1. Arthur (born c1861) married Sarah Jane Blacker in Dec. 1889
  2. Jane Ann Bapt. 7/10/1861 at South Ossett married Anby PICKLES
  3. Eliza Bapt. 6/11/1864 at South Ossett married Walter Ernest RICHARDSON

Sarah Ann was buried 14/8/1886 aged 53 at Ossett Holy Trinity

George Died 4th January 1902 and was buried 7/1/1902 aged 77 at Horbury St. Peter’s. (In his WILL signed 9th August 1900 he left £17,437 5s 10d. (Reg. Sworn Jan 1903 £18,351 6s 5d))





James MITCHELL (cir 1739) married Hannah WILBY (cir 1744) 24th March 1765

Known children:

  1. Joseph born cir 1765; died 29th Aug 1833
  2. Mary born 29th Oct 1766 Ossett, bapt 26th Nov 1766 Dewsbury
  3. Elizabeth born cir 1768 Ossett, bapt 12th Nov 1768 Dewsbury
  4. John born cir 1771 bapt 4th May 1771 Dewsbury
  5. Benjamin born cir 1772 bapt 14th Nov 1772 Dewsbury

6.Thomas born cir 1775 bapt 25th Oct 1775 Dewsbury; married Mary WILBY (cir 1777) on 9th Jan 1797 Dewsbury. Thomas Died 19th Nov 1829

Known children:

  1. John born 2nd Sept 1797, bapt 28th Sept 1797, Ossett ; married Hannah HALLAS (1799 –             1841) 23rd Nov 1815 Dewsbury
  2. Joseph born 21st Feb 1799, bapt 12th April 1799; married Ann ARCHERborn cir  1804,   bapt 24th Jun 1804 at Ossett Green Independent, father Isaac ARCHER) 17th Sep 1820 Dewsbury;
  3. Thomas born 24th May 1800, bapt 13th Jun 1800
  4. Seth born 12th Nov 1801, bapt 30th Nov 1801
  5. 5. Joshua born 11th April 1803, bapt 28th April 1803
  6. Nathan born cir 1804, Ossett, bapt 2nd June 1822 Holy Trinity Ossett married Hannah ELLIS 14th July at Wakefield All Saints: Died 1870 in Ossett (I have found 3 Nathan Mitchell Baptisms: one son of Francis in 1799, one son of Thomas (Postmaster) & Elizabeth in 1822 and this one son of Thomas and Mary baptised 2/6/1822 at Holy Trinity Ossett) The marriage of Nathan MITCHELL to Hannah ELLIS on 14/7/1823 shows by CONSENT OF FRIENDS after Nathan’s name which suggests he was underage. It is possible that Nathan had not been baptised as a child and was required to be done before marrying at Wakefield All Saints! The death certificate in 1870 shows age as 66 which means he was born cir 1804 so would have been 19 when he married Hannah)
  7. Sarah born 7th Jan 1806, bapt 17th Feb 1806 8. Mary born 19th May 1807, bapt 9th June 1807
  8. Enoch born 27th Feb 1809, bapt 20th Mar 1809
  9. Eli born 7th Mar 1810, bapt 18th April 1810: Buried 20th Nov 1883 at Holy Trinity Ossett aged 73
  10. James born 20th Dec 1812, bapt 8th Jan 1813
  11. Martha born 21st Nov 1815, bapt 8th Jan 1816 13. Emma born 1st April 1817, bapt 26th Jun 1817


Known children:

  1. Eli born cir 1821, bapt 3rd Jan 1821 Ossett Green Independent
  2. Nanny born 14th Oct 1821 Ossett, bapt 25th Jan 1822 Ossett Green Independent
  3. Mary born 9th Feb 1823 Ossett, bapt 10th Feb 1823 Ossett Green Independent
  4. Harriet born 13th Feb 1823 Ossett, bapt 27th Mar 1825 Ossett Green Independent, married Joseph WILSON Apr – Jun at Wakefield
  5. Thomas born cir 1827 Ossett, bapt 8th April 1827 Holy Trinity Ossett, married Sarah ? born cir 1825
  6. Joseph born cir 1829, bapt 12th April 1829 Holy Trinity Ossett, married Jane ?
  7. Sarah Ann born cir 1834, bapt 2nd Nov 1834 Holy Trinity Ossett

Joseph died pre 1841 



Samuel PICKARD, son of Robert PICKARD and Nancy EMERSON, was born on 26th December 1813 in Ossett, christened on 21st March 1814 in Ossett Independent Congregational Church.

Samuel Pickard was the son of Robert Pickard, elder brother of Isaac & probably born in the Cottages at Haggs Hill, Low Common, South Ossett. 

Samuel married Jane WILBY, daughter of Thomas WILBY and Hannah HINCHLIFFE,(born on24th October 1813 in Ossett), on 14th April 1844 in Dewsbury Parish Church.

Samuel’s Trade/Profession was as a Woollen Manufacturer. He kept his looms in the cottages at the bottom of Headlands Road. His firm produced 3 bolts of cloth each week, which were taken to be sold in the Cloth Hall in Leeds. The first two were taken by Samuel and his man servant on a donkey, and the third by the man (who altogether walked 22 miles).

Leeds Cloth Hall 1814


The children from this marriage were:

1) Alfred Hinchliffe PICKARD was born in September 1844 in Ossett.

(Alfred Hinchliffe PICKARD married Mary Harriet HEMINGWAY, daughter of     Samuel HEMINGWAY and Mary SAVILLE, 18th February 1868 at St. Paul’s Church Alverthorpe. Mary Harriet was born circa 1845 in Dewsbury, was christened on 20th April 1845 in St Paul’s Church Alverthorpe,

Alfred’s Profession/Trade was as a Woollen Manufacturer. He was an accomplished organist and played at the Green )

2) Emma PICKARD was born in June 1847 in Ossett and died in December 1863 in Leeds aged 16.

3) John PICKARD was born in December 1849 in Ossett and died in May 1855 in South Ossett aged 5

Samuel died on 26th August 1883 aged 69 and was living at SOWOOD HOUSE at the time Jane died on 11th October 1898 aged 85, also at Sowood House, Sowood Lane, Ossett.  


Alfred Hinchliffe PICKARD and Mary Harriet HEMINGWAY

The children from this marriage were:

1) Samuel Norman PICKARD was born circa Dec 1868 in Ossett and christened on 17 Jan 1869 in Alverthorpe St Paul’s Church.

2) Arthur Vincent PICKARD was born circa 1870 in Ossett, christened on 23 Sep 1870 in Alverthorpe St Paul’s Church. Arthur’s Trade/Profession was as Dentist. He died in Dec 1899 in Ossett, aged 29.

3) Charles Bernard PICKARD was born circa 1873 in Ossett and was christened on 25 May 1873 in Alverthorpe St Paul’s Church. Charles Trade/Profession was as a Milk Dealer in Bradford when he married Mary DAVISON, daughter of William DAVISON on 22 Dec 1900 in South Ossett Christ Church. Mary was born circa 1875 in Shildon, Co. Durham.

4) Herbert PICKARD was born circa 1875 in Ossett, christened on 21 Nov 1875 in Alverthorpe St Paul’s Church, and died in Nov 1878 aged 3. He was buried in South Ossett Graveyard on 19th November 1878.

5) Edith Mary PICKARD was born circa 1880 in Ossett, was christened on 28 Mar 1880 in Alverthorpe St Paul, and died in late November 1884 in Ossett aged 4. She was buried in South Ossett Graveyard on 1st December 1884

6) Emma Jane PICKARD was born circa 1883 in Ossett and died post 1938.

7) Kate Hemingway PICKARD was born circa 1885 in Ossett and died post 1938. Kate married William CLEGG, son of Joseph and Jane CLEGG, between July and September 1915. They had one daughter named Dorothy.

Mary Harriet PICKARD died in February 1894 aged 48 yrs. She was buried on 23rd February.

Alfred Hinchliffe PICKARD died on 18th January 1912 in Highfield House, Horbury Rd., South Ossett aged 67. He was buried in South Ossett Church Graveyard on 22nd January 1912.

Emma PICKARD   (daughter of Samuel, born 1847) Emma did not marry but had a son, John William PICKARD, who was born in March 1863 in Ossett when she was 16 yrs old. Unfortunately Emma died soon afterwards. John William’s Trade/Profession was as an Articled Clerk in 1881 He married Lois BROOK in Sep 1884 in Ossett.


Samuel Norman PICKARD Samuel Norman was apprenticed in 1884 as a Pharmacist to Mr Saville, Chemist of Kirkgate, Wakefield at 2 shillings and six pence per week. He lodged in Alverthorpe, and whilst walking home one foggy evening he got lost and was ‘rescued’ by the blind organist from Christ Church who took him home, the weather being no problem to him!

Samuel N Indenture 3Samuel N. Indenture 2

SAMUEL NORMAN’S INDENTURE (courtesy of Ian Rigg)

Whilst living in Alverthorpe Samuel Norman met Mary Jane COX, daughter of Joseph COX and Sarah ANELAY, Mary was born circa 1866 in Ossett. Joseph COX was Headmaster of South Ossett School and a Mayor of Ossett. Samuel qualified as a Chemist and Druggist in 1890 and later as an Optician and Dentist and started work in Manningham Lane, Bradford, before coming back to Ossett.

In November 1890 Samuel Norman PICKARD placed an advertisement in the Ossett Observer to the effect that he had purchased the business of Mr J.W. CUSSONS, in Ossett. His name & address read: “S. N. Pickard, Member of the Pharmaceutical Society, Dispensing and Family Chemist, Station Road, Ossett”. He set up his business in Galen House, Prospect Rd., renting the property from the Yorkshire Bank.

Samuel Norman married Mary Jane COX, on 17 Oct 1893 in South Ossett Christ Church.

S.N. Pickard 1919

Samuel Norman PICKARD 1919 (courtesy of Ian Rigg)


The children from this marriage were:

1) Mary Harriet PICKARD was born in December 1894 in Bradford. Mary Harriet married Ash    CROPPER

2) Sara Lilian PICKARD was born in June 1896 in Bradford. She married William CROWTHER between January and March 1928 (registered at Dewsbury.)

3) Kathleen Gertrude PICKARD was born in June 1905 in Galen House, Prospect Rd., Ossett. She married George BAINES RIGG between April and Jun 1929 (registered at Dewsbury.)

 On August 5th 1924, owing to the expiration of the lease of his present premises, S.N.Pickard opened new larger premises on Wesley Street, near to where the shop had originally stood when Mr Cussons first moved to Ossett. Some years later, because of health problems, Samuel Norman moved to Bridlington for a few years, but moved back to Ossett shortly after war was declared in 1939. In 1943 he was living at ‘The Knoll’, West Wells Road, Ossett.  

 S N Pickard Chemist Shop

Samuel Norman Pickard died in November 1944, aged 75. The business was carried on by his daughter until 1955, when his grandson, Ian Pickard Rigg, completed his army service and became manager of the shop. In 1997 Ian sold the shop to the Cooperative Society.


Sara Lilian PICKARD and William CROWTHER

The child from this marriage was Michael CROWTHER born 1928

Kathleen Gertrude PICKARD and George Baines RIGG  

The children from this marriage were:

Ian Pickard RIGG, who was born on 22nd July 1930. He became a Chemist and Druggist in the business of S.N. PICKARD, his grandfather, in Ossett. Ian married Anne RAMSDEN on the 6th June 1961

(Ian told me that during the 1914 – 18 war young lads used to stand outside the Liberal Club singing “Roses are blooming in Pickard’s chemist shop”!)

Norman Wilson RIGG, who was born on 4th March 1932. Norman was the Manager of Griffin & Sayers Bakery at the bottom of Kingsway in Ossett. Norman Wilson married Barbara NAYLOR. He died at the age of 65, just one week after retiring.


Ian Pickard RIGG  Ian was very involved with the Scouting movement. He started as a Scout Master at Horbury Bridge and eventually was promoted to Assistant Chief Commissioner of Wakefield West District.

During this time he organised many overseas trips for the boy scouts and, as a result of this, he was bestowed with the honour of being awarded the ‘Silver Acorn,’ in recognition of his service to Overseas Scouting.

He was presented this by HRH Princess Margaret at Windsor Castle:  





Benjamin SCOTT married Hannah WILBY 30 Dec 1742 Dewsbury

Known children:-

  1. Mary SCOTT Bapt. 19 Nov 1743 Dewsbury
  2. Charles SCOTT Bapt. 23 Feb 1744 Dewsbury Charles SCOTT (cir 1744) married Hannah ROBINSON (born cir 1747) 24th December 1766 at Dewsbury Known children:-
  3. Mary 23 Oct 1768
  4. Job 3 Jan 1779
  5. Martha 20 Aug 1780 (Buried May 11 – Jun 12 1833) aged 51
  6. Lydia 10 Aug 1783
  7. Rachel 6 Mar 1785
  8. Luke Born 26 Jan 1788 Bapt. 19 May 1788

Hannah SCOTT buried 21 Oct 1811 aged 64

Charles SCOTT died 30th Jan 1826 aged 82 




Joseph THORNS married ‘either’ Sarah OATES (6/1/1774 at Dewsbury) OR Sarah FEARNLEY (23/8/1779 at Wakefield)

Known Children

  1. Joseph baptised 8/10/1781 Dewsbury
  2. Joshua baptised 5/7/1794 (?)
  3. Amelia baptised 15/6/1795 Holy Trinity Ossett.

Joseph (1781) and Amelia did not marry.

Joshua married Mary Ann WALSHAW 29/11/1824 at Thornhill

Known Children

  1. Sarah born 24/9/1825 baptised 23/10/1825
  2. Elizabeth born 18/6/1831 baptised 6/7/1831 Ossett Green (not on 1841)
  3. Joseph born 8/2/1833 (?)

1841 census both Joshua, Mary Ann and possibly daughter Elizabeth were dead (Joshua died 3/11/1838)

Sarah and Joseph were living with their Uncle Joseph THORNS Sr. and Aunt Amelia at Green House in South Ossett. (1851 Census Joseph THORNS 68 unmarried, Amelia 55 sister, unmarried, Sarah niece 25, unmarried, Joseph nephew 18, unmarried, 1861 Census, after the deaths of both Joseph Sr. (24/6/1853 registered at Dewsbury Apr/Jun (Ref. 9B 330) and Amelia (late Jun, registered Jul/Sep 1858 at Dewsbury, ( Ref 9b 329), and buried 3/7/1858 at Dewsbury All Saints Church)),

Joseph THORNS Jr. 28 and his wife Elizabeth 26, (nee Charlesworth?) were living at Green House in 1861 with children Mary Anne Thorns aged 1 and Matthew Charlesworth Thorns aged 1 month

1871 Census shows Joseph THORNS 38, Elizabeth 36, William 3 and Norland 1 1881 William 13 and Norland 11 are at Boarding School in Thorp Arch, near Wetherby Sarah THORNS (born1825) married Jacob ARCHER, manufacturer, son of Abraham, by Licence at South Ossett Church.



JONATHAN WILBY  married Anna NETTLETON 16th Jul 1708 at Dewsbury

Known Children:

  1. Martha Bapt. 24 Jul 1709 Dewsbury
  2. Joseph Bapt. 25 Mar 1711 – married Mary STEVENSON 18 Aug 1741

3) Isaac Bapt. 8 Feb 1717 – married Rachel STEVENSON (born 1720) 1 Dec 1742 in Dewsbury

  1. Hannah Bapt. 1 Jun 1721
  2. Rachel Bapt. 30 Aug 1725
  3. Mary Bapt. 21 Feb 1729

 Isaac (1717) & Rachel:-

Known children:

  1. Isaac (Aug 1743) married Elisabeth MITCHELL 6 November 1765
  2. Hannah Bapt 26 Dec 1744
  3. Mary Bapt 17 Jun 1747
  4. John Bapt 13 Oct 1748 – married Jane MALLISON (born 1748) 1 Jul 1776 Dewsbury
  5. Anne Bapt 27 Dec 1750
  6. Jonathan Bapt 8 Aug 1753
  7. Thomas Bapt 27 Sep 1755
  8. Josiah Bapt 8 Apr 1758
  9. Mary 1 Mar 1760
  10. Benjamin   26 Jul 1762
  11. David Bapt 8 Apr 1765 Dewsbury married Hannah LEE (David was given the responsibility of sorting out his father’s estate in 1806!!)
  12. Joseph 14 Jun 1767

Isaac (1717) died in 1806 aged 89

Isaac (1743) and Elizabeth

Known children;

1 Jeremiah 1766;

2) Peter 1767;

3) George 1769; (not mentioned in grandfather’s Will);

4) Daniel 1770;

Isaac (1743) died before his father’s will was written in 1802  

David (1765) and Hannah

Known children

1) Francis 1785; Martha 1787; George 1788; David 1790; Ann 1792; Sarah 1793 Isaac 1796



GEORGE WORTH   son of Arthur WORTH and Ada Lucy PICKLES was born on June 7th 1900, in Clubhouses, Horbury, Nr Wakefield, Christened at St. Peter’s Church, Horbury on Aug 24th 1900, died March 22nd 1979 and was buried in Horbury Cemetery on March 27th. George worked as a Cashier/Bookkeeper at John Reid’s Oil Distillery, Horbury Bridge.

GEORGE first married: Ellen HALSTEAD, daughter of Joe HALSTEAD and Edith STARR (born Dec 8th 1897, in Birchencliffe, Lindley, Huddersfield), at St Mathew’s Church Rastrick, on Dec 22nd 1922.

The children from this marriage were:         

    1( Arthur WORTH, who was born July 8th 1923 in Netherton, Nr Wakefield. He was reported “missing, presumed dead” in Algiers on Jul 16th 1943 (A report of this incident can be viewed on the Ossett History website, http://www.ossett.net/ under Ossett Grammar School War Memorial Heading)        

    2) Nellie WORTH, who was born April 27th 1931, at 11 King St., Horbury Bridge, Christened May 17th at St John’s Church Horbury Bridge. Nellie married Cyril COOPER Aug 1st 1953 at South Ossett Christ Church.

Ellen died on April 27th 1931 and was buried in Horbury Cemetery

GEORGE next married Nellie SMITH, daughter of Walter SMITH and Sarah JAMES (born June 2nd1909 at 35 Mill St., Hightown, Castleford) on April 17th 1933 at All Sts Church Whitwood Mere, Castleford.

The children from this marriage were:           

   1) Joan Patricia WORTH, who was born Oct 14th 1936 at 11 King St., Horbury Bridge and Christened at St John’s Church Horbury Bridge on Dec 6th. Joan married Harold CARTER son of John CARTER & Doris SHIRES on Aug 3rd 1957 at South Ossett Christ Church. Unfortunately this marriage ended in 1978. Joan later married John Stuart SMITH son of John SMITH and Alice AKERS on Apr 21st 1979.         

   2) George WORTH, who was born on April 15th 1939 at 11 King St., Horbury Bridge. George decided to stay single!        

  3) Margaret WORTH, who was born November 5th 1948 at Highfield Cottage, Horbury Rd., Ossett. Margaret married James Gibson Burney SMYTH in July 1970 at South Ossett Christ Church. This marriage ended in 1973. Margaret later married James DUFFY on Dec 11th 1975. Unfortunately, this marriage ended in 1979. Margaret later married Brian MONK on May 29th 1984 in Rotherham. There were no children to this marriage.

Nellie WORTH (1909) died Sept 28th 1984 and was buried Oct 4th in Horbury Cemetery.


Nellie WORTH and Cyril COOPER The child from this marriage was: Lynn Worth COOPER who was born on Jan 2nd 1960. Lynn married Adam Richard North PERKIN on Aug 30th 1986. They had one son Samuel William Adam PERKIN, born Sept. 17th 1990.

Joan Patricia WORTH and Harold CARTER The children from this marriage were:       

   1) Graham CARTER was born Mar 2nd 1958 in Moorlands Maternity Hospital, Dewsbury (home address was 5 Barmby Fold, Manor Rd., Ossett) and was Christened on April 20th 1958 at South Ossett Christ Church. (At the time of writing (Sept 2014) Graham is engaged to be married to Alison SABEL)       

  2) Carolyn CARTER born on April 11th 1960 and was Christened at St. James’ Church Wetherby. Carolyn married Peter HARTBURN on Feb 21st 1987 in Scarborough.

They had 2 children

(1) Toni-Leanne born Jun 16th 1989 in Scarborough, Christened at St. Mary’s Church Horbury Junction in Mar 1990.

(2) Tristan James born Feb 2nd 1991 in Scarborough and Christened on June 23rd 1991 at St. Paul’s Church, Walton, Nr Wakefield.

Carolyn’s marriage to Peter ended in 1999 and she married Michael CONLON on Dec 27th 2000 in Scarborough. There were no children to this marriage.     

3) Alyson Margaret CARTER born on Nov 5th 1963 and was christened at St. James’ Church Wetherby. Alyson married Philip BARRACLOUGH on Aug 31st 1985 at South Ossett Christ Church.

There were 2 children to this marriage

1) Abbie-Gail born Sept 12th 1989 in Wakefield Manygates Maternity Home, (living at Horbury Junction) and Christened at St. Mary’s Church Horbury Junction in Mar 1990.

(2) William John born Oct 18th 1990 also at Manygates, Wakefield and Christened on June 23rd 1991 at St. Paul’s Church, Walton. Unfortunately, Alyson and Philip’s marriage ended in 1995.

She later married Philip BOWKER in 1996 in Harrogate.

There was 1 child to this marriage, James Harold, born Jan 30th 1997.

Margaret WORTH and James DUFFY

The child from this marriage was Neil James DUFFY who was born on May 30th 1976.  However, Neil changed his surname to MONK when he came of age.

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