Horbury Junction Wesleyan school log book – WY Archives Ref. WMD4/2/112/2

Transcribed and Input by Debbie Hawke-Wareham from Photos taken by Joan P Smith. Also edited and arranged by Joan P Smith (see separate page)

Extracts from the log book 1897-1909

[typist notes, working from photographs of pages where some information at edges is cropped or obscured by the weighted page holder. 


LOTT                          F.B.                                  Headmistress Teacher

PRINCE                      Mary                               Pupil Teacher lower division

HAMMOND              Maud                              Pupil Teacher 3rd year

AUSTIN                     Harriett                           probationary Pupil Teacher and monitoress from 1st March 1897

RICHARDSON            Nellie                              Singing teacher (article 68)

BOSTOCK                  Edwin C                           School Inspector

ARMITAGE                Mrs                                 Attendance officer

KEMP                        Dr                                    Medical officer

Pupil Teachers are given lessons by the Headmistress 8 to 9am before classes began, and on Fridays, and take quarterly and annual examinations from the Education Board.

The school year runs about December 1st to November 30th, when a new syllabus is set. The pupils follow an approved timetable of the syllabus of lessons [see appendix for syllabus by year], going home for the hour at lunchtime. Pupils join the school as soon as they reach age, not having to wait into the start of the school year in which they have reached school age as in modern times.


Page 2 [cut off so unable to tell exact date]

February 1897     Initial general observations of F B LOTT H.M.T.(head mistress teacher)

                    The infant’s room is small for the number of children taught in it.

                    The teacher is only qualified under article 68.

                    The class is not in a satisfactory state of order and efficiency.

                    There is a considerable difference between the temperature of the main room and other rooms.  The temperature is recorded in severe weather in order to ascertain that all the rooms are suitable warmed.

                    Received the sanction of the department of science and art for the grouping of standards 4 and 5 for drawing.

                    Divided the infant’s class.

                    PT Mary PRINCE is taking the lower division.

                    1 will now take std ?? in the main room along with standard 4.

                    PT Maud HAMMOND will take her own classes for arithmetic.

                    For official lessons, stds 1, 2, and 3 will be grouped.  1 will take these and Maud HAMMOND will take stds 4 and 5 for English.

February     Average attendance =119.6

Page 3

February 22nd ordinary school work suspended at 11.40-
A HORSFIELD presented prizes given by the Horbury Common Lands Trustees to the successful scholars.