1897Mar29ARKINEthel Madmittedto std 1
1897Dec1ARMITAGEMrs attendance officer given names of irregular attenders
1897Jul6ARMITAGEMrs Called for a list of attendance made by the Taits who will appear before the Magistrates on Friday for non attendance during the past half year.
1898Feb8ARNOLDBertha appointed by managers to replace E RICHARDSON
1898Feb21ARNOLDBertha PT commenced work teaching Infants
1898Mar25ARNOLDBertha PT failed scholarship exam, now only ranking as ‘Art 38‘. As the Managers desire to have a teacher qualified under ‘Art 52’, she will probably remain until the services of such a teacher can be secured..
1898Dec12ARNOLDBertha PT- permission to attend Queens Scholarship Exams
1899Mar27ARNOLDBertha PT-failed to pass Queens scholarship therefore still classed asArt58′
1899Jul17ARNOLDBertha PT – permitted a holiday
1899Dec9ARNOLDBertha PT – Absent all week. Attending the Oxford Local Examination in Leeds. Her sister Martha is -‘supplying for her’
1900Jan24ARNOLDBerthaabsentPT-absent due to illness
1898Jan24AUSTINHarriettreturnedPT returned after absence
1899Nov17AUSTINHarriettreturnedPT returned after absence. She has been absent many times in the past 2 yrs owing to illness
1899Jan24BELLGeorgeadmittedInfants Class
1899Oct16BELLGeorgeadmittedInfants Class (No information re. him being admitted twice)
1897Jul6BELLThomasadmittedto infants class
1897Mar15BICKERTONEdithreturnedafter absence of 4 months
1897Nov1BICKERTONEmilyabsenthas Mumps
1898Aug15BLACKBURNAnnie sent home with rash – Mrs Blackburn visited to explain it was because of the hot weather!
1897Nov19BLACKBURNElizabethabsenthas Mumps
1898Mar9BLACKBURNHerbertabsentoff sick
1897May25BOSTOCKEdwin Cinspectedinspected registers and signed log book
1900Jan24BOSTOCKEdwin Cinspectedinspected registers and signed log book (Mr Bostock inspected the  registers regularly)
1898Oct6BRADLEYAliceadmittedage 7 admitted and placed in Std 1 although she is very backward
1898Nov7BRADLEYElsieadmittedInfants Class
1898May23CARDENJaneadmittedInfants Class
1899Nov15CORNISHB S HMT – visit of inspection, comments and signed log book
1897Oct13CRAVENGertrudeabsenthas Mumps
1898Aug24CRAVENGertiesent homeMeasles . Managers decided to close school
1898Aug22CRAVENJohnadmittedInfants Class
1899Jun27CRAVENLois exceptionally backward – transferred to infants class
1897Nov19CROOKWalterabsenthas Mumps
1899Jan10DICKINSONMatthewadmittedto Std 2
1897Aug31ELANDWilfredremovedattending in Leeds
1897Oct21ELANDWilfredabsentoff sick on day of Boys Drawing Examination
1899Jun27FOWLERArthuradmittedInfants Class
1899Jan24FOWLERIdaadmittedInfants Class
1898Oct3FOWLERWilliamadmittedage 7 admitted to Std1 at present although he is very backward for his age.
1897Sept3GASCOIGNEMary present having been absent since holidays
1899Feb13GLEDHILLBeatrice Mary PT – commenced as Monitoress. She will work with Miss Arnold in the infants room
1899Nov10GLEDHILLBeatrice Helping in the absence of M. Prince
1900Mar9GLEDHILLBeatriceabsentPT – absent unwell today
1899Jan16GOLDTHORPEAlfredadmittedto Std 2  has not attended any school for months
1900Apr6GOLDTHORPEAlfredremovedGone to live in Horbury
1900Apr6GOLDTHORPEWalterremovedGone to live in Horbury
1897Mar23GOODHANDAnniereturnedabsent 2 wks, returns to Std1 – very backward & delicate child
1897Oct26GOODHANDAnnieabsenthas Mumps
1897Oct26GOODHANDRobertabsenthas Mumps
1897Oct20GOODHANDWilliamadmittedto infants
1897May6GOODYEARThomasadmittedInfant class
1897Nov1GOODYEARTomabsenthas Mumps
1897Apr26GREENWOODRobertreturnedabsent for 2 weeks due to abscess
1897Aug23GREENWOODRobertremovedfamily moving  away to Sheffield
1899Feb22GRIFFINAdaabsentScarlet fever
1899Mar30GRIFFINAdareturnedafter several weeks of Scarlet fever
1897Oct22GRIFFINEdward has Mumps,  sent home
1899Feb22GRIFFINEthelabsentScarlet fever
1899Mar30GRIFFINEthelremovedwill be 13y and intends to go to work
1899Feb22GRIFFINLilyabsentScarlet fever
1899Mar30GRIFFINLilyreturnedafter several weeks of Scarlet fever
1897Sept3HALLSarahreturnedafter 2 weeks sick
1897Oct25HALLSarahreturnedafter 5 weeks absent
1899May2HAMMONDAmyadmittedto Std3
1899May15HAMMONDLucyadmittedDeaf & Dumb child admitted to Infants Class
1897Mar16HAMMONDMaud PT -unable to write for a fortnight
1897Mar24HAMMONDMaud PT -refused to apologise for rudeness and insolence
1897Mar26HAMMONDMaud PT-has apologised for her rudeness
1897Jun1HAMMONDMaudabsentPT absent due to illness also 3rd Jun
1897Jul19HAMMONDMaudabsentPT absent
1897Jul20HAMMONDMaudreturnedPT returned after absence
1897Aug24HAMMONDMaud PT arrived 20 mins late in afternoon
1897Aug30HAMMONDMaud PT arrived late at 9am
1897Oct?HAMMONDMaud PT arrived 20 mins late
1897Nov9HAMMONDMaud PT did not arrive until 8:40
1897Nov9HAMMONDMaud PT did not attend for lessons
1897Nov24HAMMONDMaud sent home for insubordination after being very rude to the Head Mistress who had critised her about her method ot teaching.
1898Jan24HAMMONDMaud observed teaching Object lessons
1898Feb4HAMMONDMaud present having been absent since holidays
1898Feb18HAMMONDMaud PT- half hour late
1898Mar11HAMMONDMaud PT -arrived 25 mins late
1898Mar17HAMMONDMaud PT-visiting ST Peters Girls in place of FB LOTT
1898Apr26HAMMONDMaud PT- may attend Queens scholarship Examination
1898Apr27HAMMONDMaud PT- did not attend lessons
1898Jun7HAMMONDMaud PT – 25 minutes late
1898Aug18HAMMONDMaud PT – broke rules by inflicting Corporal Punishment
1898Nov30HAMMONDMaud PT – completed apprenticeship, finishes school today
1899Mar27HAMMONDMaud Completed her apprenticeship in November, has been successful in passing the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship and placed in 3rd division.
1898Oct31HEPWORTHPercyadmittedage 11 to std 2
1899Sept4HIBBINSFredreturnedafter ill health since June
1897Sept27HINCHCLIFFEAlanabsenthas Scarlet fever, sent sisters home as precaution
1897Aug24HINCHCLIFFEAllanabsentabsent with Measles .Dr Kemp certified unable to attend for some time
1897Aug24HINCHCLIFFEAmeliaabsentabsent with Measles .Dr Kemp certified unable to attend for some time
1897Sept10HINCHCLIFFEAmeliareturnedafter 3 weeks of Measles
1897May10HINCHCLIFFEElizabeth (made 50 attendances under age of 5? . Instead of cancelling these present I intend to subtract them from the total number of attendances made during the quarter which ends 31st)
1897Aug24HINCHCLIFFEElizabethabsentabsent with Measles. Dr Kemp certified unable to attend for some time
1897Sept10HINCHCLIFFEElizabethreturnedafter 3 weeks of Measles
1898Aug12HINCHCLIFFE absentScarlet fever (family)
1900Apr9HORSFIELDArthuradmittedInfant Class
1898Nov21JACKSONAlbertadmittedaged 8 to std1
1898Dec7JACKSONAlbert Came late to school as mother away having an operation’
1899Jun27JUDGEWalter transferred to infants class
1897Mar31KAYEJosephadmittedto infants
1897Aug23KAYEJosephremovedleft village
1898Oct3KEMPDr visited school after recent outbreak of Measles
1897Oct4LARDERBenjaminadmittedaged 10 to Std 2
1897Oct4LARDERRose aged 7 placed in Prep class for Std1
1897Oct26LARDERBenjremovedmoved to Horbury School
1897Oct26LARDERRoseremovedmoved to Horbury School
1897Oct26LAWSONWilfredabsenthas Mumps
1897Nov29LAWSONWilfred Mrs Lawson arrived at dinner time, shouting violently at PT Harriet Austin because Wilfred had been slightly punished for speaking! She took both children away for afternoon.
1897Sept3LITTLETONLilyabsentwith bad face.
1899Nov6LITTLETONLilyreturned10y old, Placed in Std 1 Owing to skin disease has attendard school irregularly for past 4 yrs
1898Oct20LOCKWOODAnnieadmittedInfants Class
1897May12LOTTFBabsentHMT – absent with cold
1897May17LOTTFBabsentHMT – absent left at 10:30 also absent 19th
1897Nov26LOTTFB HMT – arrived 10:30 due to illness, did not stay after noon.
1898May17LOTTFB HMT – arrived 9am due to illness
1900Jan22LOTTFBabsentHMT – absent due to illness
1897Aug23MEEKElsieadmittedto infants – a very delicate child
1899Jul10MILNEREdithadmittedInfants Class
1897Nov24MURCHAnnie sent home with Mumps
1899Aug28OAKESRachelreadmittedto Std4
1898May18OATESMarthaadmittedto Infants, aged 6, a delicate child with only a few weeks previous schooling
1898Nov23PEELJ Edward Visited school and signed log book
1898Aug15PERRYMaudabsentScarlet fever
1899Mar13PERRYMaudreturnedafter Chicken pox
1898Aug3PETTIT absent3 children absent with whooping cough
1899Apr12PETTSArthurremovedgone to work
1897Nov1PETTSCliffordabsenthas Mumps
1898Apr6PETTSEdwinadmittedInfants Class
1899Feb8PETTSNormanadmittedInfants Class
1897Dec6PETTSRhodaadmittedInfants Class
1899Mar13PLAYFORTHWilliamreturnedafter Chicken pox
1900Feb5PRICEAnnieabsentunable to attend school for 6 weeks because of Scarlet fever
1900Mar12PRICEAnniereturnedafter 6 weeks with Scarlet Fever
1899Oct23PRICEEvaadmittedInfants Class
1900Feb5PRICEEvaabsentunable to attend school for 6 weeks because of Scarlet fever
1900Mar12PRICEEvareturnedafter 6 weeks with Scarlet Fever
1899Apr12PRINCEAlbertremovedgone to work
1897May12PRINCEMaryabsent PT – absent with cold
1897Jul14PRINCEMaryabsentPT – ill until Jul 19th, Harriett Austin taking her class
1897Dec21PRINCEMary PT taking Std2, all infants together
1898Jan11PRINCEMary PT-sent home suffering from Quinsy
1898Jan13PRINCEMary PT- arrived 9am yesterday and today
1898Jan14PRINCEMary PT- not done any study this week
1898Mar11PRINCEMary PT- permitted a day of absence
1898Mar15PRINCEMary PT- present
1898Mar16PRINCEMary PT- arrived 8:25 due to illness
1898Aug2PRINCEMary PT- permittedby managers to stay away all week
1898Aug8PRINCEMary PT- present
1899Aug25PRINCEMaryabsentPT – absent unwell SEE NOTES for following few days
1899Aug28PRINCEMary PT – arrived 9am
1899Sept1PRINCEMary PT – unable to attend lessons all week she has done no study
1899Sept5PRINCEMary PT – is away again and not likely to be here all week. She is in a very poor state of health and quite unable to study or attend school work I am taking Stds 2 along with 3,4 and 5 !
1900Feb19PRINCEMaryabsentPT- absent with severe abscess in her face.
1897Oct?QUARMBYFlorence sent home, not to attend until better.
1897Aug23REEVEGeorgeremovedleft village
1897Apr1RICHARDSONEleanor/Nellie PT unable to attend because of ulcerated throat
1898Feb18RICHARDSONE finishes her duties as Article 68
1899Nov7RICHARDSONGrace 15yrs old, HMT sister assisting in school
1897Nov10RICHARDSONNellie PT sent home afternoon sick, still absent on 11th her classes taught by Polly Prince and H. Austin.
1899Feb17RIORDAN admitted2 boys Exceedingly backward!
1899Apr27RIORDANCharlesreadmittednot attended since Feb 18th. AReported to Attendance Officer
1897Nov1ROBINSONAlfredadmittedaged 4
1898Apr19ROBINSONAlfredremovedresiding in Normanton
1897Nov1ROBINSONJohnadmittedAged 7
1898Apr19ROBINSONJohnremovedresiding in Normanton
1897May5ROBINSONLenareturnedoff since Easter owing to father’s illness
1897Jun16ROBINSONLena arrived after registers closed – marked as late
1897May5ROBINSONLydiareturnedoff since Easter owing to father’s illness
1897Jun16ROBINSONLydia arrived after registers closed – marked as late
1897Oct26ROBINSONLydiaabsenthas Mumps
1898Aug8ROBINSONThomasadmittedInfants Class
1898Mar15SCOTTFredremovedfamily relocated
1897Jul6SCOTTLillianremovedhas gone to St Peters School, but arrived at this school!
1897Apr13SCOTTSuttonadmittedto Std 3 – Recently come to reside in village – not attended school for more than a year
1897Jul6SCOTTSuttonremovedhas gone to St Peters School, but arrived at this school
1897Sept28SCOTTSuttonreadmittedaged 12 to std1, not attended school since July
1900May7SENIORWilliamadmittednearly 8 yrs old, has never yet reached Std 1. I have placed him in that class to see his progress
1898Jan17SISWICKEvelynadmittedInfants Class
1900Feb SISWICKEvelynabsentMeasles
1898May2SMITHHarryadmittedInfants Class
1898Oct11SMITHJohnabsentScarlet fever
1898Dec12SMITHJohnre admittedto Std 5
1898Oct11SMITHMildredabsentScarlet fever
1898Dec12SMITHMildredreturnedabsent since Oct with fever
1898Oct11SMITHSarahabsentScarlet fever
1898Dec12SMITHSarahreturnedabsent since Oct with fever
1899Jun27STAPLESAliceadmittedInfants Class
1897Oct19STEEPLESJohnadmittedto infants
1898Jan25SUNDERLANDEdithadmittedshe came unknown to her parents and  on the 31st was returned to Painthorpe School
1899Oct31SWALLOWKnightadmittedto Std 4
1899Nov20SWIFT admitted4 children admitted
1897Apr29TAITAnniereturnedafter absence of 9 weeks without excuse. The matter has been in the hands of the Attendance Officers for some weeks.
1898Jun15TAITAnniereturnedafter Scarlet fever since March 9th
1897May3TAITEthel arrived after registers closed
1898Jun15TAITEthelreturnedafter Scarlet fever since March 9th
1897Apr29TAITFlorencereturnedafter absence of 9 weeks without excuse. The matter has been in the hands of the Attendance Officers for some weeks.
1898Jun15TAITFlorencereturnedafter Scarlet fever since March 9th
1897Jul2TAIT  Tait children away all week without reason
1897Jul12TAIT  not attended, even after Magistrate’s fine on Friday
1897Dec1TAIT admitted4 admitted having not attended school for several months
1898Mar9TAIT absent4 of children off with Scarlett feverthey will not be attending for some time.
1898Jun22TAIT absentScarlet fever again! School Closed on 17th
1897Sept29THORNESClaraabsentcalled home due to illness
1897Sept30THORNESClara arrived late for afternoon
1898Feb8THORNESClarareturnedabsent since December
1900Jan THORNESDanabsentMeasles – suspected
1900Jan23THORNESDanreturnednot Measles just a cold
1897Sept3THORNESHarryadmittedInfants Class
1900Jan THORNESHarryabsentMeasles – suspected
1900Jan23THORNESHarryreturnednot Measles just a cold
1897Apr12THORPEEdnaadmittedaged 6 not attended school before
1899Feb7THORPEG sub-inspector visited and signed log book
1898Mar9WAINMarthaabsentinternal inflamation
1898Oct11WAINMaryabsentWhooping Cough
1899Jan10WALKEREdithadmittedto Std 1
1900Feb5WILSONMillicentabsentIn Clayton hospital with severe burns will be unable to attend school for 6 weeks
1900May7WILSONMillicentreturnedreturns part time after 13 weeks as still attending hospital each morning
1898Jun22WOODCOCKDorothyadmittedInfants Class