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Horbury Images

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Horbury Bridge Cricket 001

Horbury Bridge St. John’s Cricket Club 1st IX 1935 Denby Grange League Champions. Captain Wilfred Martin   Cricket Photo Names L – R Top: John Martin; Mr Mountain; George Worth (my Dad); Clifford Heighway; Clifford Audsley Mid: Fred Audsley; Sidney Ashton; Harry Audsley; Hugh Casey; William Cole; ? ; Ezra Bowers; Mr Poppleton; George Crossland; ? ; Wilfred Martin; Fred Wilson; Seth Parker; Rufus Peace Front< Clifford Preston                                                                                    Leslie Hellawell The 2 missing names are W Wainwright and N Hemingway

photo courtesy of Pat Bowers- daughter of Ezra Bowers shown on photo.

Hbry Bridge Ladies Cricket


Elsie Allatt & George Worth - Horbury Bridge Cricket Club

                                                       Elsie Allott and George Worth (Secretary) (My Dad, George Worth, was presented with a mantel clock in December 1939, for services as Secretary to the Cricket Club. This clock is on the mantelpiece in my home)

Horbury Bridge Cricketers 1


   Horbury Council School

 VE Day

VE Day  Horbury Bridge Cricket Field


Horb Bridge 2

Joan Horbury Bridge Church 1997

    1997 –  visiting St John’s Church to research the Parish Registers – courtesy of  the Vicar