Horbury Families


After the death of my mother Nellie WORTH on September 28th 1984 I acquired a bureau in her personal bequests. This bureau was presented to my father George WORTH in April 1941 by John Reid & Son Oil Distillers at Horbury Bridge. He had worked in their Office for 25 years since 1916 when he was 15 yrs old. (He carried on working there until he was about 70, in spite of having 3 heart attacks, the first aged 57, the same age that his father had died).

In this bureau was a ‘Butterscotch’ Tin, which I suspect came from my Grandmother, Ada Lucy, as inside were some birth and marriage certificates – all folded up and stuck with bits of ‘sticky tape’. My father, being the eldest son, had acquired this tin after her death. ~I was fascinated by the writing on the reverse of these documents. (Copies to be included). The name Nehemiah EASTWOOD was written on the back and the certificates were concerned with his daughter Emily’s marriage to John WORTH.

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I eventually discovered that William MARSDEN, the uncle of Sarah Grace EASTWOOD (nee MARSDEN) was a very rich man. He was not married and when he died he left many bequests to Musical Societies etc. in Huddersfield. The remainder of his estate was shared by his many relatives. Both Sarah Grace EASTWOOD (nee MARSDEN) and her daughter Emily WORTH were dead, Emily’s share then passed to her descendants (my granddad Arthur and his brothers and sisters. That was why the certificates had to be presented to the courts.

SO BEGAN MY INTEREST IN FAMILY HISTORY!! But it was  not until 1996 that I actually did something  about it!

I joined the U3A in Wakefield and was put in touch with Pat HOWARD, (a future Member of WDFHS) who ran the group. She showed me a Microfiche Reader and the IGI for Yorkshire (I had no knowledge of these whatsoever). She said ‘give me a name of an ancestor’ so because it was unusual I said ‘Nehemiah Eastwood’. She looked it up and said “oh dear, there is no father’s name listed!”. I have had problems with the Eastwoods ever since!

I have decided to put the EASTWOODS first on this page, before my own WORTH family. You will see why later.



THOMAS Eastwood son of Joseph Eastwood, was born circa 1726 in Kirkburton and christened 16th Jul 1726.

Thomas married Mary ROBERTS on 18th Feb 1750 at All Hallows Church, Kirkburton

A child from this marriage was Jonas EASTWOOD, christened 30th Mar 1754 in Kirkburton


JONAS Eastwood (1754),

Jonas first married BETTY Morehouse on 23rd Nov 1778 in Kirkburton.

A child from this marriage was:

  1. THOMAS Eastwood born in 1781 in Skelmanthorpe, christened 17th Nov 1781,

 Betty Died ?.

Jonas next married ANN SYKES on 14th Feb 1797 in Kirkburton.

Children from this marriage:

  1. William Eastwood born circa 1797 in Horbury and christened 17th Apr 1797. (WDP 135/1/1/5)
  2. John Eastwood born circa 1799 in Horbury and christened 12th May 1799 WDP 135/1/1/5, buried 30th July 1801 aged 2. (WDP 135/1/1/5)
  3. John Eastwood born 30th Jul 1801 in Horbury and christened 13th Sep 1801. (WDP 135/1/1/5)
  4. Joseph Eastwood born circa 1803 in Horbury and christened 16th Jan 1803. (WDP 135/1/1/5)

Joseph married Jane GOLDTHORPE15th Apr 1827 in Horbury.

5) Jonas Eastwood born circa 1804 in Horbury and christened 7 Jan 1805? in Horbury   (WDP 135/1/1/5)

6) ** SARAH EASTWOOD ** born circa 1806 in Horbury and christened on 16 Feb 1806 in St Peter’s Horbury (WDP 135/1/1/6).

7) Ann EASTWOOD born circa 1808 in Horbury and christened 6th Mar 1808. (WDP 135/1/1/6)

Ann married Joseph GOLDTHORPE on 3rd Feb 1828 in Wakefield All Sts (WDP 3/3/9 No 302).

8) George Eastwood born circa 1810, christened 11th Nov 1810, died in Feb 1811 at age 1, and was buried 24th Feb 1811. (WDP 135/1/1/6)

9)  Mary Eastwood born circa 1812 christened on 12 Apr 1812 in St Peter’s Horbury (WDP 135/1/1/6).

 JONAS EASTWOOD died in Jan 1821 in Horbury aged 67, and was buried 9th Jan 1821 in Horbury Cemetery. St Peter’s Horbury (WDP 135/1/4/1)

Ann died ?

THIRD GENERATION (Grandchildren)


Thomas married Sarah LISTER, daughter of Joseph LISTER  and Hannah BREAREY ? on, 26th Aug 1816 (WDP 45/1/11) in St. John’s Church, Wakefield. Sarah was born in 1794 in Horbury, was christened 7th Nov 1794 in St Peter’s Church, Horbury (WDP 135/1/1/5),                    

Children from this marriage were:

1.William EASTWOOD (1) born circa 1817, christened 30th Nov 1817

  1. 2. Jonas Eastwood born circa 1821 in Horbury and christened 5th Aug 1821 in St Peter’s Church, Horbury WDP 135/7.
  2. Elizabeth Eastwood born circa 1823, was christened 20th Aug 1823 in St Peter’s Horbury WDP 135/1/2/1, died in Jan 1844 in Horbury aged 21, and was buried 12th Jan 1844 in Horbury Cemetery.

THOMAS EASTWOOD (1781) was buried 9th Aug 1825 in Horbury (WDP 135/1/4/1))

SARAH EASTWOOD (nee LISTER) next married Benjamin GOLDTHORPE  

Sarah died 13th Apr 1858 in Cravens Field, Thornes Lane, Wakefield at age 64, and was buried on 16 Apr 1858 in Horbury (WDP 135/1/42).

John Eastwood (1801) married Frances HEPWORTH 10th Jun 1821 Wkfd St John’s ?

Children from this marriage were:

i.Jonathan EASTWOOD born circa 1823 in Horbury, christened 23rd Nov 1823 in St Peter’s Horbury (WDP 135/1/2/1), died 5th July 1864 in St. Leonard’s On Sea aged 41, and was buried there in Jul 1864.

General Notes: Was ordained into the C of E. Officiated at the wedding of William Eastwood & Mary Peace (in Horbury) when he was Curate of Ecclesfield.  Officiated also at the wedding of Jane Eastwood.      

Rev Jonathan EASTWOOD

Jonathan Eastwood

ii.Sarah Eastwood was born circa 1825 in Horbury and was christened 3rd Apr 1825 in St Peter’s Horbury (WDP 135/1/2/1). 

Sarah married Robert PEACE, son of John PEACE, 5th Dec 1845 in St Peter’s Horbury.

iii.Luke Eastwood born circa 1826 in Horbury and christened 30th Apr 1826 in St Peter’s Horbury (WDP 135/1/2/1).

iv.Jane Eastwood born circa 1828 in Horbury and christened 3rd Feb 1828 in St Peter’s Horbury (WDP 135/1/2/1).

Jane married Charles FOSTER 3rd Sep 1840. (Married by Rev Jonathan Eastwood)

v.Elizabeth Eastwood born circa 1830 in Horbury and christened 30th May 1830 in St Peter’s Horbury (WDP 135/1/2/1.)

vi.Jonas Eastwood born circa 1832 and christened 27th June 1832. in Alverthorpe

vii.Anne Eastwood born 6th Apr 1834 in Horbury and christened 18th May 1834 in St Peter’s Horbury (WDP 135/1/2/1).

viii.Joseph Eastwood born circa 1836 and christened 17th Jul 1836. in Alverthorpe WDP 43/1

ix.Ellen Eastwood born circa 1838 and christened 5th Aug 1838 in Alverthorpe WDP 43/1

**SARAH EASTWOOD ** (Jonas,Thomas) born circa 1806 in Horbury and christened on 16 Feb 1806 in St Peter’s Horbury (WDP 135/1/1/6 )

General Notes: Gave birth to 2 illegitimate sons – William in 1826 and Nehemiah in 1828. Information found in the Churchwarden’s Accounts Book for Horbury. She was receiving money between 1830 & 1834 from John HARTLEY & Josh. SISWICK. No records before or after that date.

On1841 Census William was living in the household of John EASTWOOD (her brother?) and Nehemiah in the household of Benjamin & Sarah GOLDTHORPE, formerly the widow of Thomas EASTWOOD (son of Jonas Eastwood & Betty Morehouse) – believed to be the elder half-brother of Sarah (1806).

Not found Sarah on any Census. No marriage or burial found either. WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?

Her children were:

  1. William EASTWOOD (2) born 1826
  2. NEHEMIAH EASTWOOD born 1828

FOURTH GENERATION (Great-Grandchildren) 

William Eastwood (1) (1817) ((parents Thomas EASTWOOD (1781) & Sarah LISTER)) born circa 1817), married Ann MARSHALL, daughter of Christopher MARSHALL and Hannah, 23rd Dec 1838 in Dewsbury (WDP 9/23 Pg 113.) Ann was christened 27th Mar 1815 in Ossett.

Children from this marriage were:

1)Mary Ann Eastwood born circa 1837 in Horbury, christened 19th Nov 1837 in St Peter’s Horbury (WDP 135/1/2/1), and buried 28th June 1841 in Horbury.

2).Alfred Eastwood born circa 1839 in Ossett and christened 10th November 1839 in St Peter’s Horbury (WDP 135/1/2/2).

 3) Caroline EASTWOOD* born on 18 May 1842 in Horbury and christened on 30 Jun 1844 in St Peter’s Church Horbury (WDP 135/1/2/2.)

* On 1851 census Caroline was in the household of Benjamin GOLDTHORPE and Sarah (formerly EASTWOOD nee Lister).

 4) Sarah Eastwood born on 31 May 1844 in Horbury and christened on 30 Jun 1844 in St Peter’s Horbury WDP 135/1/2/2.

Willam EASTWOOD (1) (1817) died in Jun 1845 at age 28, and was buried on 24 Jun 1845 in St Peter’s Horbury (WDP 13/1/4/1).

William Eastwood (2) (parent Sarah EASTWOOD (1806) and (Josh. SISWICK??????) was born circa 1826 in Horbury, christened 26th Mar 1826 in St Peter’s Horbury (WDP 135/1/2/1),

General Notes: Father possibly Josh. SISWICK. Payments in churchwarden’s Account Book – ( see Nehemiah )

Married by Rev. Jonathan Eastwood – (most likely his Uncle – brother of his mother Sarah)

Found on 1841 Census in the household of John & Frances Eastwood (no William baptised to them – they had a son named Luke baptised around that time).

Also on 1851, 61, 71 & 81 Census

In 1861 living next door to JOHN SISWICK!

William married Mary PEACE, daughter of John PEACE and Sarah on 31st Dec 1849 in Horbury. Mary was born circa 1830 in Ossett,

Children from this marriage were:

i.Sarah Eastwood born circa 1851 in Horbury.

ii.Emma Eastwood born circa 1853 in Horbury.

iii.Frederick Eastwood born circa 1857 in Netherton.

iv.Clara Eastwood born circa 1858 in Netherton.

v.Mary Eastwood born circa Jan 1862, died 26th Mar 1864 at age 2, and was buried in Horbury Cemetery.

vi.Anne Eastwood born circa 1862 in Netherton.

vii.Arthur Eastwood born circa 1864 in Netherton.

viii.Ada Eastwood born circa 1865 in Netherton.

ix.Herbert Eastwood born circa 1867, died 12th May 1871 at age 4, and was buried in Horbury Cemetery.

x.Robert Eastwood born circa 1870 in Netherton.

xi.Willie Eastwood born 30th May 1871, died 7th May 1872, and was buried 29th May 1872 in Horbury Cemetery Section A No 618.

William EASTWOOD (1) died in Nov 1882 in Netherton at age 56, and was buried 12th Nov 1882 St Peter’s Horbury (WDP 135/1/4/2) in Horbury Cemetery Section A No 168.

Mary EASTWOOD died in Jun 1902 aged 72, and was buried 30th June 1902 in Horbury Cemetery Section A No 618. 

NEHEMIAH EASTWOOD (Sarah Eastwood, Jonas, Thomas ) was born in 1828 in Horbury,  christened on 30 Mar 1828 in Horbury (WDP135/1/2/1 No1513,)

General Notes: Illegitimate. (Put Thomas Eastwood as his father on marriage certificate. As he was in the same household as Sarah Goldthorpe former widow of Thomas Eastwood he may have thought that Thomas was his father?).

Father most probably John HARTLEY. Payments made to mother Sarah Eastwood in Churchwarden’s A/c’s book. A Nehemiah HARTLEY found on IGI. Unusual name. May be some connection?

Nehemiah married Sarah Grace MARSDEN, daughter of Joseph MARSDEN and Mary WOOD, on 18 Feb 1849 in Sandal, Wakefield. Sarah born on 24 Oct 1826 in Rastrick, was christened on 5 Jun 1827 in Rastrick W. Yks (WDP 52/3 No1255)

Children from this marriage were:

  1. EMILY EASTWOOD born on 14 Jul 1851 in Cravens Fields, Thornes Lane Wakefield, christened on 3 Aug 1851 in Thornes St James Church,
  2. Mary Ann. Eastwood was born in 1853 in Horbury. Mary married David Lister on 25 May 1874 in Flockton W.Yks . David was born in 1850.
  3. Sarah E. Eastwood was born in 1855 in Horbury. Sarah married Joseph WHITE on 27 Nov 1878 at The Westfield Congregational Church, Horbury. Joseph was a Cloth Miller.
  4. Elizabeth Ann Eastwood was born in 1858 in Horbury, christened on 26 Dec 1858 in Horbury  (WDP 135/1/2/2 No 2178 Pg 273 ). Elizabeth married Sydney TOWNEND on 24 May 1879 in The Westfield Congregational Church Horbury. Sydney worked on the Railway.
  5. Sarah Grace Eastwood was born in 1859 in Horbury.

Sarah married Thomas Jackson on 25 Dec 1890 in Horbury (WDP135/1/3/4 No360.)

Thomas was a Miner. (Ancestor of Percy Jackson, husband of Alice Emma WORTH born 1901)

  1. Martha Hannah Eastwood was born in 1863 in Horbury, died on 3 Apr 1910 in Horbury at age 47, and was buried in Horbury Cemetery with her parents

Martha married George Spooner, a Policemanfrom Rochdale Rd., Shaw Lancs on 6 Feb 1894 (witnesses Joe White and Hannah Maria Smith).

SARAH GRACE EASTWOOD died 30th Aug 1885 buried 5th Sept aged 58 (WDP 135/1/4/2 No1267.) The cause of her death was Cancer of the Uterus 1 year.

NEHEMIAH EASTWOOD died on 12 Apr 1904 in Horbury at age 76, and was buried in Apr 1904 in Horbury Cemetery (Section B) (WDP135/1/4/3 No1268.) His death certificate stated that the cause of his death was Broncho Pneumonia – 6 days and his residence was “St Leonard’s Hospital, Horbury.” (see Horbury Buildings Page).

Nehemiah Eastwood & Sarah

FIFTH GENERATION (Great Great-Grandchildren)

EMILY EASTWOOD (Nehemiah Eastwood, Sarah Eastwood, Jonas, Thomas) was born on 14 Jul 1851 in Cravens Fields, Thornes Lane Wakefield,

Emily married JOHN WORTH, son of JOSEPH WORTH and ELIZABETH NOTHER, on 2 May 1869 in Wakefield W.Yks. John was born on 10 Dec 1844 in Tavern St Primrose Hill Wakefield, Emily died on 22 Feb 1890 in Stringer Lane, Horbury at age 38, and was buried in Horbury Cemetery Church Ref D135/1/4/2 No 2669. The cause of her death was Phthisis (TB).

John died on 14 Aug 1916 at 14 Haddingley Hill Wakefield at age 71, and was buried in Aug 1916 in Horbury Cemetery (WDP135/1/4/3 No 3000). The cause of his death was Cardiac Failure, Cardiac Disease.

Occupation: Railway Platelayer.

“Whilst working on some publications for Horbury (many years ago!) I came across the following:

“Nor in any publication like this can you capture the vividness of some of the local folk lore. There are still those who talk of a one armed man who lived in School Lane and who did not like the early Labour leaders. The tale is that, when Philip Snowden visited the Co-operative Hall to speak, he went up to him at the High Street entrance to the Co-operative Hall and asked him, if he was Philip Snowden. Satisfied the man he was talking to was Philip Snowden, he proceeded, with his good arm, to knock him across the road into Queen Street. The same man is said to have been the first gateman at a local factory. The Managing Directory rang him on the telephone at 4 am. to ask if the factory was all right. The following morning, as a tit for tat, the Managing Director got a telephone call from his employee at 4 am. If these stories have gained in the telling, they are part of a place’s heritage.”

Extract from “Some Horbury Yesterdays “by R.D. Woodall.

I am certain this was Nehemiah !



Background Information

JONAS EASTWOOD son of Thomas, Bapt. 30/3/1754 in Kirkburton, married BETTY MOREHOUSE on 23/11/1778 at Kirkburton.

Their son THOMAS was bapt 17/11/1781 in Skelmanthorpe.

BETTY EASTWOOD died pre 1797 and JONAS next married ANN SYKES on 14/2/1797.

JONAS & ANN had 9 children: William 1797; John 1799 (died 1801) John 1801; Joseph 1803; Jonas 1804; SARAH 1806 ; Ann 1808; George 1810 & Mary 1812. Bapt at Horbury

Therefore THOMAS & SARAH were half brother & sister.

THOMAS (aged 35) married SARAH (Sally) LISTER, aged 22 (Bapt 9/11/1794 daughter of JOSEPH LISTER of Horbury) on 26/8/1816 at St. John’s Wakefield. WDP 45/1/1 PG 129

Their children were: William 30/11/1817, Jonas 5/8/1821 and Elizabeth 20/8/1823

(William married Ann Balmforth and they had a daughter Caroline Bapt 18/5/1842). William was buried 24/6/1845 aged 27 (WDP 135/1/4/1 PG 206)

THOMAS EASTWOOD Died 9/8/1825 aged 44 leaving Sarah a widow with 3 children




WILLIAM EASTWOOD Bapt 26/3/1826 and NEHEMIAH EASTWOOD (my Gt Gt Grandfather) Bapt 30/3/1828. Both sons of Sarah EASTWOOD Spinster


Widow EASTWOOD (late Thomas) and SARAH EASTWOOD are BOTH listed receiving money.

And the BASTARDY BOOK in WY Archives states:

SARAH EASTWOOD is receiving money between 1833 – 1834 from JOHN HARTLEY and JOS. SISWICK. (I think we can safely assume it is for two different children?)


Sarah EASTWOOD (widow of Thomas) married Benjamin Goldthorpe 24/12/1832 at Wkfd All Sts WDP 3/3/9 No 302.

1841 CENSUS HO 107/1271/6 fol 10 pg 35 //Scholefields Row, Horbury

Joseph LISTER 73; Robert BREWERTON 72; Ben GOLDTHORPE 29; Sarah GOLDTHORPE (formerly Eastwood, nee Lister) aged 47; Hannah GOLDTHORPE 7; Joseph GOLDTHORPE 5: Elizabeth EASTWOOD 17; NEHEMIAH EASTWOOD 11

When I first found this Census I had assumed that Sarah Goldthorpe was Nehemiah’s mother, but later found out that Sarah already had a son named William from her marriage to Thomas Eastwood, (see earlier) who was still alive in 1841!

Therefore Nehemiah must have been the son of Spinster SARAH EASTWOOD, daughter of JONAS! As she was the half sister of Thomas, possibly Nehemiah was living with Thomas’ widow Sarah, now Sarah Goldthorpe?

Also on the 1841 CENSUS for Horbury

John EASTWOOD 35 (Son of Jonas & Ann & older brother of Sarah); Fanny (Frances, wife) 40; with children Sarah 15; WILLIAM 15; Jonas 9; Ann 7; Joseph 5; Ellen 3; /Ann READY 18 Factory Girl


Did Sarah [(widow of Thomas), take in Nehemiah, but, because she already had a son named William, did John Eastwood (brother of Nehemiah & William’s mother Sarah)] take in William???

NEHEMIAH EASTWOOD married SARAH GRACE MARSDEN on 18/2/1849 at Sandal, Wakefield.

On the marriage certificate he gave his father’s name as THOMAS EASTWOOD!! Did he genuinely think this was correct or did he not want to admit that he was illegitimate?? (NB when his half- brother William married the father’s name was left blank)


Healey, Ossett            RG9/3414 fol 62 pg 30

William EASTWOOD 35, Mary 31 & family and Sarah PEACE (Mother in law)


John SISWICK (aged 27), son of Joseph & family,

Is this a clue that they are half brothers????)

Can I safely assume then that JOHN HARTLEY was Nehemiah’s father?

(In the Bastardy Book John Hartley was also paying money to Sarah Charlesworth!!) (He must have been a right bastard!!!



When searching the Prison Registers I found an entry for a John Hartley for bastardy around the right date. He was shown as being committed at Bradford. As Quarter Sessions were held at different venues this could have been him. However, I could not get the records of this as they were missing!!!

I have checked every source that I am aware of and not found her – not on any census; deaths, burials; marriages, deportation lists; M.I’s (even checked if she was buried in Nehemiah’s grave and her name not on the head stone). I found a Sarah Eastwood, unmarried with a daughter Amy in Huddersfield in 1861 and thought I had solved the puzzle but then traced Sarah’s birth in Huddersfield





JAMES WORTH  c1664 Huddersfield


GEORGE WORTH, born c1706; christened 3 May 1706 in Lyndley (WDP32/2) Huddersfield. He married on 12 Nov 1730 in Wakefield (IGI) ELLIN BATLEY, (born c1707 in Wakefield) christened 29 Mar 1707 (IGI), daughter of JOHN BATLEY and ALICE SCHOFIELD.

The known children of GEORGE WORTH and ELLIN BATLEY were:

Susanna WORTH c1734 Stanley (WDP 3/1/6) christened 7 Dec 1734 in Wakefield (WDP3/1/6)WILLIAM WORTH c1740, christened 17 Mar 1740, Woodside, Wakefield (WDP3/1/6) who married  ANN MARIA MOORE in Wakefield on 17 Dec 1760 (WDP3/3/2)

ELLIN WORTH christened 19 Dec 1741Wakefield (WDP 3/1/6)

JAMES WORTH c Feb 1748 christened 20 Feb 1748, Buried 15 Mar 1748 (WDP3/1/7)


The known children of WILLIAM WORTH and ANN MARIA MOORE: were as follows:

THOMAS WORTH, born B 1768 in Wakefield; christened 4 Mar 1769 in                                             Wakefield; He married SARAH FROBISHER (born C 1776) on 24 Aug 1796 in Rothwell

He died Mar 1850 in Doncaster Row; buried 31 Mar 1850 in Wakefield (WDP 45/1/29).

ANN WORTH, born c1773 in Wakefield; christened 13 Mar 1773 (JL266 PG3117.)

JAMES WORTH, born c1773 ?? in Wakefield; christened 30 May 1773 (JL266 PG3117).

JOHN WORTH, born 1775 in Wakefield; christened 28 Oct 1775 (IGI); On 8 Aug 1796 he married ELIZABETH GOTT in Wakefield (WDP3/3/6 No 258). She was the daughter of JOSEPH GOTT and SUSANNA SIDEBOTTOM. born c1777 in Wakefield; christened 9 Sep 1777 (WDP 3/1/8)

JOHN died 3 Nov 1842 in Wakefield on Doncaster Row; buried in Wakefield.

ELIZABETH died 19 Oct 1854 in WAKEFIELD Doncaster Row; buried 22 Oct 1854 (WDP3/4/7 No1056

HANNAH WORTH, born C 1778 in Wakefield; christened 11 Apr 1778 (WDP3/1/8 PG128)


The known child of THOMAS WORTH and SARAH FROBISHER was

JOHN WORTH, born C 1805 in Wakefield; died Feb 1825 in Wakefield Doncaster Row; buried 17 Feb 1825 in Wakefield D45/1/27.

Children of JOHN WORTH (1775) and ELIZABETH GOTT

JAMES WORTH, born C 1797 in Wakefield; christened 26 Aug 1797 in Wakefield D3/1/8; died 23 Jun 1800 in Wakefield D45/1/1; buried in Wakefield.

SARAHWORTH, born 18 Mar 1799 in Wakefield; christened 18 Aug 1799 in Wakefield D45/1/1; died 8 Jul 1800 in Wakefield D45/1/1.

JOHN WORTH, born c Feb 1804 in Wakefield; christened 26 Feb 1804 in Wakefield D45/1/1. He married on 24 Dec 1826 in Wakefield D3/30 No 563 MARY POTTER.

MARY WORTH, born c FEB 1804 in Wakefield; christened 26 Feb 1804 in Wakefield D45/1/1. She married on 3 Apr 1825 in Wakefield St. John’s GEORGE KERSHAW.

ELIZABETH WORTH, born C 1806 in; christened 14 Sep 1806 in Wakefield D45/1/1; buried 11 Feb 1828 in D3/4/4 No1372 Pg 72.

JOSEPH WORTH, born C 1813 in Kirkgate Bridge, Wakefield; christened 1 Jan 1814 in Wakefield   (WDP3/2/2); died 26 Oct 1874???. He married on 5 Nov 1837 in Wakefield ELIZABETH NOTHER,       born 18 Feb 1815 in Wakefield; christened 29 May 1815 i died 27 Sep 1854 in Ingwell Yd Kirkgate,  daughter of ABRAHAM NOTHER (NOTHARD) and ELIZABETH WINTER.

JANEWORTH, born 27 Jan 1819 in Wakefield Bridge End; christened 5 Feb 1820 in Wakefield (WDP3/13.) She married in ???? WILLIAM ASHTON



ELIZABETH WORTH, born C 1838 in Wakefield.

JANE WORTH, born C 1840 in Wakefield. She married on 13 Nov 1870 in Horbury (WDP135/13) JOHN RIPLEY, born c 1846 in Horbury. Jane had a son named John born c 1866 before marriage

MARY WORTH, born c1843 in Wakefield married George EARNSHAW 22 Sept 1860 (WDP135/1/3/3 No 183) 

JOHN WORTH, born 10 Dec 1844 in Tavern St., Primrose Hill, Wakefield; He married on 2 May 1869 in Wakefield EMILY EASTWOOD (born 14 Jul 1851 in Craven Fields, Thornes Lane, Wakefield),   daughter of NEHEMIAH EASTWOOD and SARAH GRACE MARSDEN.

EMILY died 22 Feb 1890 in Stringer Lane, Horbury; buried in Horbury.  (WDP135/1/4/2 No2669),


JOHN next married Sarah Ann BELL (aged 44) 26 Sept 1891 at Register Office, Wakefield;

JOHN died 14 Aug. 1916 in 14, Haddingley Hill, Wakefield; buried Aug 1916 in Horbury (WDP135/1/4/3 No 3000)

CHARLOTTE WORTH, born 1848 in Wakefield; died 11 Aug 1850 in Wakefield; buried in Wakefield (WDP3/4/7).



 Children of JOHN WORTH and EMILY EASTWOOD were as follows:

JANE WORTH, born c1869 in Horbury; christened 7 May 1869; died 17 Sep 1876 in W.YKS Horbury.

ADAH WORTH, born c1872 in Horbury; christened 31 Mar 1872.   Married GEO. RICHARD BELL 9 Sept 1893 (WDP135/14 No 436) Living at Tithe Barn St. (Both aged 21). (Aug 1884 aged 12 in Sunday School re. Horbury Parish Magazine)

JOHN WILLIAM WORTH, born C 1874 in Horbury; christened 13 Jan 1874 (D135/1/2/) No 2051; died Oct 1875 in Horbury; buried 24 Oct 1875 in (D135/1/4/2 No1360)

ARTHUR WORTH, born 25 Oct 1877 in Clubhouses Horbury; christened                                            1877 in Horbury. He married on 20 May 1899 in Thornhill ADA LUCY PICKLES,                            born 4 Dec 1875 in Middlestown; christened 24 Jun 1876 (WDP14/1/2/6) daughter of EDWARD PICKLES and EMMA CLEGG.

ARTHUR died 8 May 1935 in 16 Southfields, Horbury; buried May 1935 in Horbury Cemetery. ADA LUCY WORTH died at 16 Southfields, Horbury on 16 Jan 1950 buried 19th Jan. Horbury (WDP135/22)

MARY WORTH, born c1880 in Horbury; christened 31 Aug 1880 in Horbury (WDP135/1/2/3 No 3006); died 14 Oct 1882 in Horbury.

ANNIE WORTH, born c1883 in Horbury; christened 24 May 1883 in Horbury (WDP135/1/2/4 No387). She married on 27 Dec 1902 in Horbury (WDP135/15) MATTHEW BRADLEY, born c 1881 in ????.

JOHN WORTH, born c1886 in Horbury; christened 25 Dec 1886 in Horbury (WDP135/1/2/4 No 934); died Oct 1948 in Horbury; buried 20 Oct 1948 in Horbury (WDP135/1/4/4).

GERTRUDE WORTH, born c1889 in Horbury; christened 29 Jul 1889 in Horbury (WDP135/1/2/4 No1323); died Dec 1897 in Horbury; buried 14 Dec 1897 in Horbury (WDP135/21).


Children of ARTHUR WORTH and ADA LUCY PICKLES were as follows:

GEORGE WORTH, born 7 Jun 1900 in Clubhouses, Horbury; christened 24 Aug 1900 in St. Peters Church Horbury (WDP135/1/2/4); died 22 Mar 1979 aged 78 in Lombardi Court, South Ossett; buried 27 Mar 1979 in Horbury Cemetery in. Plot G 168.

ALICE EMMA WORTH, born 8 Nov 1901 in Horbury; christened 8 Nov 1901 in Horbury (WDP135/1/2/4 No 2747); died in ???? in Mapplewell. Married PERCY JACKSON 27 Jan 1923 (WDP175/4 No 319), son of Thomas JACKSON 22,Hope St Mapplewell. (born c1897) Alice lived 23 North Ave. Horbury. They had One son named Roy.

 LEONARD WORTH, born 10 Jul 1904 in Mitchells Yd. South Parade Ossett; died 4 Apr 1966 in Horbury; buried in ????. He married on 22 Aug 1926 in St.Mary’s Horbury (WDP175) MARY JANE LODGE, born in Clubhouses Yd. Horbury   Lived at 117 Cluntergate Horbury (one daughter Evelyn who married James Powell, three children David, Malcolm & Karen).

GERTRUDE WORTH, born 27 Sep 1907 in Crowthers Fold Horbury, christened 20 Oct 1907 in St. John’s Horbury Bridge; died in ????; buried in ????. She married on 3 Jan 1931 in St. Mary’s Horbury (WDP175/4 No 432) ROLAND HALLAS, born c1906 in Ossett.   Lived at 9, Cross St., Horbury: Lived at Wombwell Nr.Barnsley. They had three sons, Geoffrey, Derek & Clive

JOHN EDWARD WORTH, born 4 Jul 1909 in Bridge Rd; Horbury: christened 31 Jul 1909 in Horbury Bridge; died 16 Mar 1986 in Horbury; buried in ????. Married First: Mary EMMA POTTER Kinsley 30/3/1930. They had one child which died young. He next married on 17 Dec 1938 in Horbury St. Mary’s (WDP175/5) ANNIE LITTLE, born c1911 in Horbury.   There were two children to second marriage (Brian and Maureen).

EVELYN WORTH, born 24 Jun 1911 in Cardwell Row, Horbury Bridge; christened 22 Jul 1911 in Horbury; died 15 Jan 1997 in ????; buried Jan 1997 in Middlestown Cemetery. She married on 19 Apr 1930 in Horbury St.Mary’s (WDP175/4) JOHN RAYMOND HARGREAVES, born c1908 in Middlestown, living at 5 Cross St., Horbury. Lived at Ramsay Rd., Middlestown. Two children Eric & Jean.

IDA WORTH, born 30 Mar 1917 in Cardwell Row Horbury Bridge; christened 29 Apr 1917. She married on 15 Oct 1938 (WDP135/1/3/8) RAYMOND IBBOTSON, born c1916 in Middlestown. Lived in Southfields Horbury & Fairfield Rd., Ossett. 2 children, Marlene & Joyce



He married:

(1) on 22 Dec 1922 in Rastrick St.Matthews Church (WDP52/13) ELLEN HALSTEAD, daughter of     JOE HALSTEAD and EDITH STARR born c1899 in Rastrick . She died 27 Apr 1931 in Horbury     Bridge; buried in Horbury Cemetery;

(2) on 17 Apr 1933 in Castleford NELLIE SMITH, born 2 Jun 1909 in Castleford; christened 23 Jun 1909 in Whitwood Mere Castleford (WDP141/3 NO 477 pg 60); died 28 Sep 1984 in       Pinderfields Hospital Wakefield; buried 3 Oct 1984 in Horbury Cemetery, daughter of WALTER SMITH and SARAH JAMES.

Children of GEORGE WORTH and ELLEN HALSTEAD were :

      1) ARTHUR WORTH, born 8 Jul 1923 in Riley Terrace, Netherton; died 16 Jul 1943 in                                    ALGIERS, N.AFRICA

      2) NELLIE WORTH, born 27 Apr 1931 in W.YKS HORBURY; christened 17 May 1931 in St John’s Church Horbury Bridge.

Children of GEORGE WORTH and NELLIE SMITH were:

      1) JOAN PATRICIA WORTH, born 14 Oct 1936 in Horbury Bridge; christened 6 Dec 1936 in St. John’s Church Horbury Bridge.

      2) GEORGE WORTH, born 15 Apr 1939 at 11 King St. Horbury Bridge.

     3) MARGARET WORTH, born 5 Nov 1948 in in Highfield Cottage, Horbury Rd., Ossett.

 NELLIE WORTH (1931) married on 1 Aug 1953 in Christ Church South Ossett CYRIL COOPER, born 24 Oct 1929 in Sharlston.

They had one child:

      LYNN WORTH COOPER, born 2 Jan 1960 in DEWSBURY. Lynn married ADAM PERKIN and             had one child SAMUEL


(1) HAROLD CARTER on 3 Aug 1957, at Christ Church South Ossett.

They had three children

      GRAHAM CARTER born 2 Mar 1958 in Dewsbury

      CAROLYN CARTER born 11 Apr 1960 in Wetherby and

      ALYSON MARGARET CARTER born 5 Nov 1963 in Wetherby.

(2) JOHN STUART SMITH on 21 Apr 1979,

MARGARET WORTH married JAMES DUFFY, 11 Dec 1975 in Leeds.

They had one child named NEIL JAMES DUFFY

Margaret later married BRIAN MONK on 29 May 1984 in Rotherham.

NEIL then changed his surname to NEIL JAMES MONK